Are Dental Implants Removable

Did you get a dental implant that you want to take off? Do you want to be sure about a tooth implant before getting one? Dental implants are usually not removable as they are planted for a prolonged period. However, you can visit dental implants in Lakewood or another nearby clinic to get your implant removed.

Though most implants are successful, some of them may fail. Alternatively, you may choose a denture implant that is removable.

What is A Removable Denture Implant

Implant overdenture or removable denture implant is a mix of denture and implant. In case you want to get multiple or all the teeth implanted, this is an excellent option. The implant technique involves placing a few implants for the entire arch of teeth, instead of one implant for each tooth.

You can place the denture on these implants, and rest assured that your dentures will not move or loosen. That is, unlike the standard dentures that can easily dislocate while talking or eating.

Is A Failed Implant Removable

In some cases, your implant may fail due to reasons like unsuccessful surgery, infection, allergies, dislocation, weak jawbone, etc. However, the positive part is that a dental expert can remove the failed implant easily.

The dentist will inject local anesthesia and remove the failed implant. Next, the professional will inspect your implant site to check whether the jawbones are intact. In case they are weak or out of place, you will need to undergo a bone graft.

It is a process where real or artificial bone tissues are placed at the site to help rebuild the natural bones. On the other hand, if your jawbones are strong, the dentist will clean them and start the surgery of the new implant.

Summing Up

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So, are dental implants removable? The answer is yes, you can get your dental implants removed if they go wrong. Alternatively, if you get implant overdentures, you can remove them whenever you want and snap them back in seconds.