Architect Hristo Dimov

The Knight of Secession” – the modern West-European style

Thanks to his great architecture skills, the buildings build by the entrepreneur Hristo Karaivanov change the vision of many villages and town in the region of Stara Zagora.

           Architect Hristo Dimov was born on 22nd November 1890 in the village of Dabovo, region Stara Zagora.

            He finishes primary school in his village, then studies in Kazanlak and Stara Zagora. He works as a teacher for an year in the village of Kriva krusha, region Kazanlak.

           In 1921 he graduates the Czech Technical University in Prague. As a student he takes part in 3 wars. He was given the Cross of Bravery. After returning back to Bulgaria he starts lining in Stara Zagora. Between 1921 and 1924 hi is the main architect of the municipality of Stara Zagora. Afterwards he works for private clients. He is a member of that time new-founded Architect & Engineer chamber.

            In 1943 he is the founder and first teacher in the State building highschool in the town.

His work as architect includes the projects for a lot of state and private buildings. His are the projects for the Mineral state baths in the village of Yagoda, Ovoshtnik, Korten, Kardjali and Djebel. His are also the second state highschool (today named “Hristo Botev”), the state prison, the churches in Yagoda, Mednikarovo, Kazanka, Bogomilovo, the “chitalishta” in Enina, Dabovo, Oryahovo, the hotel of the Minral waters Stara Zagora, the House of the Hunters in Korten and the factory for guitars and other string instruments “Kremona”, Kazanlak.

For his long years of work as an architect, Hristo Dimov was awarded “The Cyril and Methodius Award”, I grade, and other state awards.

           He is a member of the balneology association in Prague.

He died on 14th March 1983.